Feeling My Flo
a reported podcast where menstruation is an event that happens to all types of bodies

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Sara Birnel Henderson

Sara Birnel Henderson (she/her) is a researcher and educator who has worked in sexual and reproductive health with a focus on reducing disparities for over 10 years. She currently works in the education arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Maggie Di Sanza

Maggie Di Sanza (she/her) is a high school sophomore who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She started the social justice campaign Bleed Shamelessly in 2018 with the intention of promoting menstrual equity and inclusion.

Kate Lesniak

Kate Lesniak (she/her/they/them) is a senior strategist focused on the intersection of advocacy, media, and digital. She is the former publisher at Bitch Media and hails from the east coast. Kate is currently a senior strategist with ThinkShout in Portland, OR.


Emmet Phipps

Emmet Phipps (they/them) FNP-BC, AAHIVS is a white, queer, trans Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in the care of LGB, queer, transgender and non-binary people and those living with HIV. Emmet is currently a clinician at the Chelsea Center for Special Studies at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

Joyce McFadden

Joyce McFadden (she/her) is a psychoanalyst and author of Modern Mothering: What Daughters Say They Need from Their Mothers Regarding Sexual Development and Its Impact on Self Worth.

Fernanda Santos

Fernanda Santos (she/her) is a Brazilian-American writer and journalism professor living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a former staff writer for The New York Times and the author of The Fire Line: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Anita Seto

Anita Seto (she/her) is a biologist working to advance new medicines for rare diseases. As a scientist, Anita strives to teach her daughter and other kids the importance of forming opinions based on data-driven information. She lives in San Diego, California.