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feeling my flo

welcome to the flo fam…


feeling my flo is a reported podcast where menstruation is an event that happens to all types of bodies across the gender spectrum


host / kamilah kashanie

executive producer / mia warren

assistant producer / emma forbes

executive editor / juleyka lantigua-williams

sound engineer / carolina rodriguez 

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season one

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episode six



In the last episode of season one, young activists tell us about their work for “menstrual equity” – the idea that period products should be affordable, safe, and available to everyone who needs them.


episode five



As a trans man, PJ Brooks started taking hormones in college, and his period stopped. But once he met Zoë Johnson, the two found themselves experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) together. In this episode, we hear about the couple’s discomfort, acceptance, and love. We also talk to a doctor who unpacks PMS for us.


episode 4



Raising two daughters is hard, especially when they’re in their teens and starting their periods…especially when you’re two dads who have never experienced menstruation. In this episode, Erik and Mark, along with their daughters, Ceci and Liv, talk about how their family navigated periods together.


episode 3


For years, the courageous Cass Bliss spoke out about being a trans and non-binary menstruator...and sparked both hateful backlash and world recognition. We talked to them about how they got started and how Toni the Tampon was born.




Guided by three generations of López women, we hear how one family’s attitude toward their bodies and menstruation has transformed through time and space. In this episode, twenty-year-old Aszana, her mother, Vanessa, and her grandmother, Rosa, each share their unique period stories.


episode 1


In Feeling My Flo’s pilot episode, high schooler Lola Blackman talks to host Kamilah Kashanie about being a late bloomer, her feelings about the idea of “womanhood,” and wondering when she would finally get her period. Our producer, Mia Warren, also investigates why people are late bloomers – spoiler alert: there’s nothing wrong with it!


our team


kamilah kashanie, host

Kamilah (she/her) graduated from Brooklyn College, where she studied broadcast journalism and sociology. She graduated from the Transom Audio Workshop in 2019. Kamilah’s love for radio blossomed out of a desire to understand more about what makes us who we are. As a storyteller, she’s committed to starting conversations to make lasting changes in underserved communities.

Kamilah and her older sister both got their first periods at the same time – even though they’re seven years apart.

Photo: Young Cheong


mia warren, executive producer

Mia (she/her) produces radio for StoryCorps in Brooklyn, NY. Previously, she reported for Marfa Public Radio in far west Texas and lived in Lima, Peru, where she documented stories in the Japanese Peruvian community on a Fulbright fellowship. Mia is an AIR New Voices Scholar ‘14.

Recently, she started using a menstrual cup – and is totally obsessed with it.

Photo: Dupe Oyebolu


juleyka lantigua-williams, executive editor

Juleyka’s work as a multimedia journalist has reached tens of millions of people over the span of two decades. She is a former staff writer at The Atlantic and lead editor/producer at National Public Radio (NPR). In 2017, Juleyka (she/her) founded the digital media studio Lantigua Williams & Co.

She’s happy she’s been a late bloomer all her life.

Photo: Jati Photography


carolina rodriguez, sound designer

Carolina (she/her) is a musician and sound engineer based in Colombia. She has worked as a radio editor and host and has also produced music festivals. In 2017, Carolina graduated from the Audio Engineering Practicum at the Banff Centre in Canada.

She gets horrible cramps every first day of her period, but it’s nothing a nice hot water bottle or a long walk can't relieve.

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Rodriguez



emma forbes, assistant producer

Emma (she/her) is a sophomore at Harvard College where she is studying History & Literature. Currently, she works on other podcasts with Lantigua Williams & Co., including Latina to Latina, 70 Million, and Key Conversations with Phi Beta Kappa. She also is involved in political science research related to women’s issues.

Photo: Hannah George

our advisory board


Sara Birnel Henderson

Sara Birnel Henderson (she/her) is a researcher and educator who has worked in sexual and reproductive health with a focus on reducing disparities for over 10 years. She currently works in the education arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Photo: Paul Bernstein

Maggie Di Sanza

Maggie Di Sanza (she/her) is a high school junior who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She started the social justice campaign Bleed Shamelessly in 2018 with the intention of promoting menstrual equity and inclusion.

Photo: Jessica Johnson

Kate Lesniak

Kate Lesniak (she/her/they/them) is a senior strategist focused on the intersection of advocacy, media, and digital. She is the former publisher at Bitch Media and hails from the east coast. Kate is currently a senior strategist with ThinkShout in Portland, OR.

Jen Chien

Jen Chien (she/her/hers) is a senior radio editor for Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX and lead editor for 70 Million, an open-source podcast about criminal justice reform from Lantigua Williams & Co. Previously, she was managing editor at KALW, and her work has been recognized by the Peabody Awards, PRNDI, and SPJ NorCal.


Emmet Phipps

Emmet Phipps (they/them) FNP-BC, AAHIVS is a white, queer, trans Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in the care of LGB, queer, transgender and non-binary people and those living with HIV. Emmet is currently a clinician at the Chelsea Center for Special Studies at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

Photo: Larry Siegel

Joyce McFadden

Joyce McFadden (she/her) is a psychoanalyst and author of Modern Mothering: What Daughters Say They Need from Their Mothers Regarding Sexual Development and Its Impact on Self Worth.

Photo: Laurel Golio

Fernanda Santos

Fernanda Santos (she/her) is a Brazilian-American writer and journalism professor living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a former staff writer for The New York Times and the author of The Fire Line: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Photo: Dan Robles

Anita Seto

Anita Seto (she/her) is a biologist working to advance new medicines for rare diseases. As a scientist, Anita strives to teach her daughter and other kids the importance of forming opinions based on data-driven information. She lives in San Diego, California.


Just Period NYC.jpg

resources for navigating your period

 scarleteen: sex ed for the real world.

sex, etc.: sex education by teens, for teens

hello clue: a menstrual tracking app, an encyclopedia, a resource for your health, and more.

planned parenthood: delivering vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide.

roo: a chatbot aimed at answering young people’s questions about sexual health, puberty, relationships, growing up, and more.

spot on period tracker: the only period tracker app and ovulation calculator that lets you track both your period and any birth control method that affects it.


News & Updates


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october 2019

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august 15, 2019

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