feeling my flo (fmf) is…

  • a sound-rich, immersive narrative podcast on all things period

  • easy to listen to, with 10-12 minute episodes

  • geared mainly to American tweens and teens

  • fun, engaging, intimate, probing

feeling my flo is a reported podcast that sees and talks about menstruation as an event that happens to all types of bodies across the gender spectrum and affects menstruators in different ways: how they feel about their bodies, how others treat them based on social norms, what access they have to information and power. fmf brings us the stories of individuals and how they’ve been shaped by menstruation as a biological, political, economic, and spiritual catalyst.

our listeners are

  • mostly 12- to 16-year-olds

  • digital natives who read YA

  • intellectually curious and love social media

  • menstruators of all gender identities (we’re not just for cis girls)

  • listening at home or in the car to and from school

  • information cravers and sharers!

Lantigua Williams & Co. is a digital media studio whose mission is to support the work of creators from the margins and originate content that centers them as storytellers and subjects. They produce three original podcasts: the award-winning 70 Million, Latina to Latina, and Feeling My Flo, and also produce Key Conversations with Phi Beta Kappa and College Admissions Decoded from NACAC.